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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

I have only been to the beach about three times in my life. Every time I go I feel amazing yet I can’t swim. When I go to the sea I always have this sense of drowning. However I have always wanted to sail. When I go to the see I feel a sense of adrenaline. This is sort of like the adrenaline you get when you enter a party. Yet, when I leave the sea , it is similar to the adrenaline leaving your body when you return home. I wish there was a sea made of confetti.


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President Obama on Syria

Today, the president announced that  America would take military action after a congressional meeting. Although I am as liberal as a democrat can be, I still think war is a necessary evil. This goes for democrat and republicans. War and the military ,it seems , has been the only thing that has kept our country safe ,and us as a people free from invasion. But is it? Or does America have too much power and influence around the world, and not enough  diversity? By diversity, I mean acceptance and tolerance of other cultures. I do agree, not every country is going to agree to talking it out, and honestly it is survival of the fittest.
Yet, if there is ever a leader who can talk us out of a war, would that not be amazing? The president claims it is a threat to national security. However, on the outside I do not see this. The president also  claimed that we should keep our word as Americans. When people need help, we should help. That is what I took away from his speech.
I am taking a geography class. In this class it suggested that reigons have physical divides and mental divides. It stressed however, that all of these concepts are mental. Meaning ,we divide peices of lands and cultures because that is the easiet way to control all of the chaos. Honestly the only thing keeping us back from other countries , is a mental divide. It’s like money, it’s just paper. Yet, mentally, that paper has value; And, mentally our world has borders.


Photo Courtesy of White House APP-

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Reaching my goal: Attending the Moral Monday Protest

Last year, I attended a seminar that explored how you would accomplish your goals. That day I wrote a letter about what I would be doing 20 years later. They say it is always good to set your goals, but I also planne d out the steps to get there. Honestly I had no idea I was accomplishing my goals til this week, when I attended a Moral Monday protest , in tribute to the march on washington. Let me tell you, there are some amazing people out there. There were environmentalist, educators, preachers, and even those who held important positions.  There was screaming, shouting, and singing. It was awesome!!!
I’m reading this book on how to make change happen in your community and the first thing it said was: Find out who the descision maker in your community is?


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Do I smell? Thoughts of a Drunken Sea Walrus

So I like guys , and always have. It seems that the young men within my era have a slight problem. What I see are potential mates.Mates who are so wrapped up in outside appearence,that they miss the point of a good relationship. I am not a very dainty girl. I have a limp as the result of an  over due clubbed foot. I wear basket ball shorts and tight fitting v-neck shirts, with dirty polka dot keds.I am a size 20. In addition, I took the liberty of cutting all of my hair off last summer( this is also known as the “Big Chop”).  I have a very deep but soothing radio voice; Of course, this is what people have told me;  I also have thick chunky red glasses yet, I am presentable.   Today I went walking with my sister to find a  place. Odd thing is , the GPS took us to a feild. We had walked most of the day,and smelled pretty “FONKAY”. Once we found the place, we walked back to the transit, met a nice Austrailian man, and caught the number six to Bojangles’. So when I get on this bus, there are only a few seats. I see a seat next to a guy and ask him to sit down. He smiles and then his face changes. This whole time, he turns up his face and puts his finger under his nose. Hilarious. I am sure I looked over  three  times, only to smirk. I laugh. I’m like if I stink just say it. My point is, everyone stinks even girls. Why do guys assume girls are hairless, perfect and odorless creatures. I am an internet junkie. I jump from chat room to chat room when I get bored. There are alot of people embarassed to admit it. However, I am not one of them.  There are various older men on these sites, some creepy, some lost. When I asked them whether older men cared about appearance as much, they said: Not that much. Girls grow hair, girls take a number two, girls smell. I think they get that;The older men. My mom says sometimes you have to “primp”for guys. I guess one  day I will, when they get a grip of reality.  However, I would not be suprised , if the man on the bus  turned to me and screamed: ” You Smell FONKAY!!”   –Drunken Sea Walrus

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Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

The last lie I told, was taking care of myself. I have  a hard time focusing most of the time. I tend to  juggle various things within two minutes. This causes me to get frustrated, give up , and shut down. In lighter news, I am trying to do better. I drink water everyday. I go to the entre line , which is supposed to be healthy. I even, walk aimlessly around campus. However, I feel or see no change. Physically, I feel worn and tired. Emotionally I feel like I’m a bird in the middle of the see stuck in a clam that is about to hit a whirl pool. I’ve been trying to find some sort of motivation to keep me happy. Recently, I havve been doing a “things that make me happy” post on instagram.

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P.S. Can anyone tell me what  pingbacks are?

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Daily Prompt:Fifteen Semester

I started school today. Yet, today I am the least excited. I have nothing much to say about school. Can’t wait to leave so I can apply it to something meaningful.

Daily Prompt:Full Moon

My opposite would probably be,someone who got high all the time and smoked weed. I’d probably be super loud or addicted to something. I’d turn into someone who always cared what people thought. I’d probably be more self concious than I was now. I’d join a sorrority and shape my self and appearance to their beliefs. I’d be less nice, less strict, and  yearning for everyone’s approval. I’d be a monster. I’d be less humble and less worried about the feelings of others. I’d never watch the news. I probably wouldn’t even vote. I’m glad I am not like that and more aware. There are alot of people my age that do not pay attention or care as much, yet there are alot of people that are. However, I don’t blame those who don’t pay attention. Sometimes, it is just too much to handle, when you don’t know yourself. Especially when there is so much negativity in the world today.

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Daily Prompt: On the Edge

So  I wrote a post yesterday that discussed procrastination. Well last night, it caught up with me. I had some sort of break down for no reason. See, I have a twin and sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. We’re leaving for college today and I was packing everything up. When she tried to move something from the  box I flipped out and started crying for some odd reason. I mean, I’m not on my period. Yet, I figured out what the problem was, i  had only eaten once that day and was surviving off of 3 hours of sleep.  This is not a good thing when you have diabetes. Two things I totally need: Sleep and Food

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Daily Prompt: Procrastination

So I go back to college in a few days. I have been working all summer, but I have been off for about 2 or 3 weeks.  I live at home with my parents in th summer. Before  when I was working, I was working second shift so I had to go to sleep but now my sleeping schedule is way off so I have been sleeping. The bad part is I’m tired and although I’ve been packing, I have been putting it off. The house is a mess and honestly I wish I would’ve stayed on schedule. I am easily angered when  I am tired.

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