Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears, Fruitvale Station

Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

I had walked into the theatre already feeling tense.
I already knew what it was about and predicted the feelings I would have after it was over.
As the previews played, I prepared my self for the hate that would grow inside of me once the movie had started.
It started with the Youtube video of a young black man getting shot , at a subway station.
The first thing that went through my head at the moment was: why is the law and society out to get Black males.
As I watched the movie , it told the story of an individual trying to get by.
The feelings of hate I thought I would have, quickly turned into fascination.
Throughout the movie, I felt a closeness or connection with the main character.
It went through his life, his struggles, his hurt and his realizations.
When the character was killed at the end, I cried.
The ending scene was a shot of the mother and her young daughter.
The mother a young woman of Latin descent, stood in the shower with her young daughter.
The daughter asked aloud where her father was.
The mother looked as if she did not know what to say.
The movie ended with a close up of the daughters face , looking up at her mother
only to say:
Something is wrong.
The movie ended with a blank screen that lasted for a minute.
I cried at the end because of the intense emotion.
Although it is sad, that young Black males are still wrongfully killed today by law enforcement or those posing to be law enforcement, it gave me something I will never loose.
The beauty of change and revolution.
This movie fire in me: the fire to change the world and America’s views on race.

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