Daily Prompt: Political Correctness

I think political correctness, hinders the progress of america. It creates some sort of caution and hides the truth about what is really happening in america and around the world. If you are offensive , then you are offensive and you cannot change that. Everyone has some hint of racism in them. If you are racist then you are racist. I was discussing with my sister, looking back at the videos from jim crow, some of those people acted crazy. I thought to myself, there is no way those people still aren’t racist. i f something does not have an impact on you that means it is not working, sometimes things have to be offensive to spark a social movement. Sometimes things have to be offensive to get people to  assemble. Being politically correct is just another BS term for ignoring the problem, being cautious, I’d rather here the truth, than be taunted with. My motto is if you don’t like me, let me know so I can move on. I guess I am not politicaly correct as I tend to say some pretty militant things. Things about race, things about men in america, things about foreign policy. No one is perfect. However, there is a difference between not accepting and forcing people by creating laws because you do not agree. The latter is very dangerous.

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