Fear and Mania

To my self conscious:
I know at times it becomes overwhelming to think.
It’s almost like a your brain gets jumbled up.
It’s almost like you’ve gotten your head stuck in between 2 medal railings.
It’s frustrating, the fear that you feel of not being able to help or accomplish what you wish.
Avoiding and creating things all at the same time.
There is no focus, no direction.
Anything you do is at the spur of the moment.
So I say to you ,
Find what makes you happy first before you start doing things for others.
I have found that it is almost impossible to fight for others,
if you are the one who is keeping yourself down.
Take it easy for a while
;and, comeback to it when you are ready.
The world can be a hectic place
even in the mist of happiness.

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