Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write

I am not a physically healthy person, nor do I feel emotionally healthy. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was in 7th grade but I have not been back to the doctor since then. This is ironic, as the only thing that does make me happy, is sugar or living off of 2 hours of sleep.  Most of the time I feel like a drunken sea walrus. Other things that make me happy, include orange juice, bacon subs, watergate salad, mocasins,greek yogurt  bars, and Bojangles chicken. I get mad easily, I get sad easily, I get angry easily. I guess I am healthy.  I am the same person I will always be. My reactions are logical. I think alot. For me healthy is just living through life’s struggles, trying to find a purpose, and failing and succeeding in the process.

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