Daily Prompt:Full Moon

My opposite would probably be,someone who got high all the time and smoked weed. I’d probably be super loud or addicted to something. I’d turn into someone who always cared what people thought. I’d probably be more self concious than I was now. I’d join a sorrority and shape my self and appearance to their beliefs. I’d be less nice, less strict, and  yearning for everyone’s approval. I’d be a monster. I’d be less humble and less worried about the feelings of others. I’d never watch the news. I probably wouldn’t even vote. I’m glad I am not like that and more aware. There are alot of people my age that do not pay attention or care as much, yet there are alot of people that are. However, I don’t blame those who don’t pay attention. Sometimes, it is just too much to handle, when you don’t know yourself. Especially when there is so much negativity in the world today.

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