Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

The last lie I told, was taking care of myself. I have  a hard time focusing most of the time. I tend to  juggle various things within two minutes. This causes me to get frustrated, give up , and shut down. In lighter news, I am trying to do better. I drink water everyday. I go to the entre line , which is supposed to be healthy. I even, walk aimlessly around campus. However, I feel or see no change. Physically, I feel worn and tired. Emotionally I feel like I’m a bird in the middle of the see stuck in a clam that is about to hit a whirl pool. I’ve been trying to find some sort of motivation to keep me happy. Recently, I havve been doing a “things that make me happy” post on instagram.

(Follow me @hunsontheabbiedeer if you’d like to see that post)

P.S. Can anyone tell me what  pingbacks are?

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