Do I smell? Thoughts of a Drunken Sea Walrus

So I like guys , and always have. It seems that the young men within my era have a slight problem. What I see are potential mates.Mates who are so wrapped up in outside appearence,that they miss the point of a good relationship. I am not a very dainty girl. I have a limp as the result of an  over due clubbed foot. I wear basket ball shorts and tight fitting v-neck shirts, with dirty polka dot keds.I am a size 20. In addition, I took the liberty of cutting all of my hair off last summer( this is also known as the “Big Chop”).  I have a very deep but soothing radio voice; Of course, this is what people have told me;  I also have thick chunky red glasses yet, I am presentable.   Today I went walking with my sister to find a  place. Odd thing is , the GPS took us to a feild. We had walked most of the day,and smelled pretty “FONKAY”. Once we found the place, we walked back to the transit, met a nice Austrailian man, and caught the number six to Bojangles’. So when I get on this bus, there are only a few seats. I see a seat next to a guy and ask him to sit down. He smiles and then his face changes. This whole time, he turns up his face and puts his finger under his nose. Hilarious. I am sure I looked over  three  times, only to smirk. I laugh. I’m like if I stink just say it. My point is, everyone stinks even girls. Why do guys assume girls are hairless, perfect and odorless creatures. I am an internet junkie. I jump from chat room to chat room when I get bored. There are alot of people embarassed to admit it. However, I am not one of them.  There are various older men on these sites, some creepy, some lost. When I asked them whether older men cared about appearance as much, they said: Not that much. Girls grow hair, girls take a number two, girls smell. I think they get that;The older men. My mom says sometimes you have to “primp”for guys. I guess one  day I will, when they get a grip of reality.  However, I would not be suprised , if the man on the bus  turned to me and screamed: ” You Smell FONKAY!!”   –Drunken Sea Walrus

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