President Obama on Syria

Today, the president announced that  America would take military action after a congressional meeting. Although I am as liberal as a democrat can be, I still think war is a necessary evil. This goes for democrat and republicans. War and the military ,it seems , has been the only thing that has kept our country safe ,and us as a people free from invasion. But is it? Or does America have too much power and influence around the world, and not enough  diversity? By diversity, I mean acceptance and tolerance of other cultures. I do agree, not every country is going to agree to talking it out, and honestly it is survival of the fittest.
Yet, if there is ever a leader who can talk us out of a war, would that not be amazing? The president claims it is a threat to national security. However, on the outside I do not see this. The president also  claimed that we should keep our word as Americans. When people need help, we should help. That is what I took away from his speech.
I am taking a geography class. In this class it suggested that reigons have physical divides and mental divides. It stressed however, that all of these concepts are mental. Meaning ,we divide peices of lands and cultures because that is the easiet way to control all of the chaos. Honestly the only thing keeping us back from other countries , is a mental divide. It’s like money, it’s just paper. Yet, mentally, that paper has value; And, mentally our world has borders.


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