Chicago Students Have Protection While Heading Off to School

 Chicago and Safe Passage I recently listened to a radio podcast entitled Wall Street Journal this morning. Over the years  violence in Chicago has been getting worse. At one point over the year, the only thing I heard about were the crazy issues that Chicago was and still are facing: Crazy political leaders, closing down schools, and tons of gang violence. However, school has started back, and the issue of children walking to and from school safetly has been improved. Chicago has launched a safe passage program according to the Wall Street Journal This Morning podcast. This  consists of part-time city employees who stand on the sides of chicago’s streets, and guide students on where to go. These employees identify the safest streets to take when walking to and from school. According to the podcast, 15.7 million dollars was spent on this budget, and this number has doubled. Why is this so important? This is community organizing. This is a government, the people and the government officials working together. Could this model be used for students walking to and from school in other cities? I recently wrote another article about the Safest City in America that I will be posting soon. In it the head police cheif says that the people of the community should also take their own steps, to protect their communities and prevent crime.
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Graphic by: Ambitious Jackson

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