Shortage of Truck Drivers

This morning I listened to NPR Morning Edition. There it discussed the shortage of truck drivers. It seems that society has trained us to think of truck drivers in a stereotypical manner. This includes the middle aged man, who is usually white, with a bald spot and no hygiene. The truck driver who has sexist views.The racist hillbilly.  Yet, even worst they have trained us to think of these jobs as not as valuable because of the  non-appealing connotation attatched to them. Yet, without truck drivers, prices may go up. Without truck drivers , many of the things we ordered would not be shipped. We may not even be able to enjoy things like seafood, ipads or ebay. According to the NPR podcast   many people are afraid of being truck drivers due to the fatigue and the low pay of $40,000 a year. There are also many who apply , who are not qualified.  Truck drivers are important to the economy. Just like doctors are important to life. Just like the cleaning staff is important to  the prevention of disease. Just like builders are important to the recognition of civilization.

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