The President on Syria

Tuesday night,  the president addressed the nation on Syria. There he discussed that no military action on Syria would pose a threat to national security. According to the speech, the Assad regime has admitted to having chemical weapons.According to the president, sarin gas was used on Syrian civilians. Sarin gas is a colorless and odorless gas, that can be spread through contact and can kill a person within hours. It evaporates from the atmosphrere quickly. Syria is a part of  Chemical Weapons Convention, that  prohibits the use of chemical weapons.The president described the attacks in Syria as a crime against humanity. Thus, not attacking Syria allow the justification of the use chemical weapons by Syria, other nations, and terrorist. The president ensures , he will not put boots on the ground.  He has furhter postponed his descision until after he meets with  russia, china, and gathers more evidence.
One of the problems I had with his speech was  the  reference to the crimes against humanity. I guess the argument would be, that chemical weapons kill more people at a rapid pace. However, what is the difference between chemical weapons, drones and bombs? Drones have killed many innocent people, we should ban them also. Wars have killed a ton of people, should we ban those too? Everything seems to contradict it self.


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