What is Sarin Gas?

According to the Center for Disease Controal and Prevention: Sarin gas is a man made chemical created in 1938 in Germany.Originally created as a pesticide, it is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas.Because it evaporates so quickly, it can spread through the air causing everyone to be contaminated. It also mixes with water. People can become exposed to sarin through skin and eye contact, as well as clothing and water. It also evaporates  out of the air quickly. Symptoms are said to appear from within a few seconds or hours depending on the  form it takes. The serious of symptoms depends on how much sarin an individual is exposed to.
Some of the symptoms include:
Muscle Twitching
Watery Eyes
Lost of Conciousness
Blurred Vision
Rapid Breathing

To learn more about sarin visit:

Sarin in the media: The Newsroom
Red Team III, Episode 17 of the HBO series the News Room- Operation Genoa

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