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The People will not be mislead 40 students registered to vote one week, 2,500 registered to vote in the next 4 weeks.\

Wrote a story for my university publication a couple of weeks ago. I did an interview today  with one of my classmates. I realized how much I really love politics. I’m taking four courses next semester!!!!!!! It seems like politicians always try to come up with these hard terms. They could just say these things in plain English. I’ve realized it’s to mislead the people. Yet, the people will not be mislead. This story is about an event at my university. As a result of this event, it has encouraged student organizations to register voters. October 11, 2013 was democracy day. By that date, 2,500 students were registered on campus.

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Government Shutdown as a Republican

I am not a republican, but yesterday I had to discuss the affects of the government shutdown, and played it so well that everyone thought I was for the event. However, it has affected me and my family directly. They say there are positive affects to the government such as marketing opportunities as well as a chance for the budget to be  balanced, However, we as american people are loosing more than we are gaining. I watched C-span the night they made descisions and a girl around my age called in, and she said something that I think will affect america in the future. She said that we as a generation, my generation, will remember the struggle through jobs , the struggle for health care, the struggle of homelessness , poverty, and political madness  that this country  has had to face, and prevent or choose carefully. I only hope that this will last for a few days, but it could be weeks.

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