Cookies ! Cakes ! Muffins! and Chips!

Vending machine at my university

Cookies! Cakes! Muffins! And Chips! What will companies producing processed foods do?

In 60 days the FDA may make a decision that could be the same as banning trans-fat in foods. 

This means trans-fats, the oils that enhance the taste of your food and preserve shelf life will be scarce.

Your foods may even taste a little different.

According to doctors trans-fatty foods cause arteries to clog up, eventually leading to heart disease.

The ban-like decision is said to prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 heart disease related deaths.

 Could this mean healthier options in vending machines?

Many vending machines like the one at my university are likely to contain trans-fatty foods.

Fast food restaurants such as Mcdonald’s,Burger King, and Churches have worked to reduce the amount of trans-fats in foods.

However  fast food restaurants like Popeyes have not stopped using trans-fat in their foods.


Fun Fact: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts does not use trans-fats in the making of their doughnuts.


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