Remember when your parents told you, you were to young for this? Kids and Politics

Kid Politics: This American Life (Documentary , Can Kids Govern Better Than Adults?)

My dad always told me to question everything, even as a child. “Make your stand,” he said. My mother, who was a political science major in school, is also very active in respect to fighting for the rights of children, and affordable and quality childcare.

They have always discussed politics and certain issues around me and my siblings.

Remember when your parents told you, you were too young to understand?

Recently, a 12 year-old activist spoke at a Moral Monday protest in Burlington N.C. The young activist spoke out about reviving pre-registration in North Carolina after being turned down for a meeting with

Governor Pat McCrory.  When giving her speech, she said that McCrory said her request was ridiculous and he deemed her a liberal prop.

Society has led many of us to believe that children living in America do not care about politics.

However, politics can affect children in many ways. These include healthcare, budget cuts for teachers, funding for schools, and voting rights for them in the future; politics can also affect children through decisions that impact poverty and hunger, free breakfast programs, and the way we use our resources.

There are many ways and endless resources for children to learn about politics. These include various children’s books, online games, school educators, (political) children’s groups, and news media geared toward kids.

According to a kid’s health survey 75 percent of kids and 79 percent of teenagers said that the outcome of the 2008 election would have an impact on their lives.

According to their article they advised parents to talk about politics with their children:

  • Ask why they feel a certain way about a certain issue or party?
  • Can they support their views?
  • Encourage them to get involved

The article further states that talking about these issues helps children develop critical thinking skills and clear up confusion.

Fun Resources for your children:

National Mock Elections:  helps students have a direct impact on their community, by casting vote and taking part in civil polls.

ICivic: Allows kid to explore idea of democracy through games.

Kids Politics: This American Life documentary that explores if kids do better at governing than adults.

Games for Change: Game for kids focusing on social issues.

Congress for Kids: Helping kids learn about congress



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