From Republican to Democrat

From Republican to Democrat

Inforgraph by Ambitious Jackson

African Americans could not join the democratic party until 1924, because of their race.
At the time however, republicans paid attention to black issues. Today, republicans don’t. However, black issues are something that I feel can only be handled by the black community.
For example, black girls rock and BET. These are things that may seem racist to other people. However, we are not making policies to oppress. White america does not face the Willie lynch theory and black on black violence.
They say African Americans should wait for an African American leader, but why wait? We should get mad at those who shoot our black youth because they feel they are a threat,even when those black teens are not doing anything at all.
However, we also need to address black teens who get shot by other black teens.
There needs to be a panel discussion with all of the rappers. We need to ask: How do you feel your music is helping or hindering the African american culture? How are you going to change things within the African american community? We need more documentaries. We need to bring light to upcoming African american artists(film,web series, music, visual art) who bring change. Artist who are working toward change for their race and other races.
You can not help someone else, without making sure you are alright first. It’s like they say if the plane goes down, put your oxygen mask on first, then help someone else.

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