South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art

My sister told me that visiting the South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art was like stepping into another world. I guess twins really do have telepathy, because I felt the exact same way.
Today I visited SECCA and it completely altered my perspective of Graphic Design.
It felt like I had walked into a utopia of color, bold lines and creative processes.
This month SECCA featured its Graphic Design: Now in Production exhibit.
I am really into Typography and Logo Design, so I was really excited about this exhibition
The exhibit consisted of various types of Graphic Design. They had a station where you could vote for past and present logos of well-known companies. They had Typography created by an engineer half way across the world. They even had a chair made of letters that spelt out the word “chair”, as well interactive web text.
The chair made of type, was one of my favorites.
There was even a poster making machine that was far from normal.
The poster was created through the computer, and the poster would print the letters with a medium sized whole punching machine. There were dots, the size of 1 inch which scattered to the floor as the poster was printing.
What I enjoyed about the whole experience was how interactive they made the exhibit.
In the back yard, they had a wooden area that I nicknamed Mini Walden.
It was really fascinating. There was a pond and I am pretty sure it had fish. You could see the bubbles.
It was pretty awesome for a December day. You would think that in December it’d be cold. It was 72 degrees today.
I was grateful to have the opportunity to experience this exhibit today.
SECCA is a center allows the artist of today to exhibit their artwork with International, National, and Local Artists. Their vision is to act as a main resource for those wanting to explore contemporary art.
It is located in Winston-Salem, NC and is Free of Charge. The only thing they don’t allow is Photography.
The exhibit lasts from October 26, 2013 –February 23, 2014

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One thought on “South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art

  1. We are so glad you enjoyed your visit. Our galleries are always changing so come back when you can!

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