What would you do with your lottery ticket?

Dear Kay (Me):

At 4 am this morning, I turned to the news. My dad lost his wallet earlier this week and proceeded to tell us that he was anxious because  his lottery ticket was inside.  We did not win, but knowing my dad it wouldn’t have bothered him. Money  and materialistic things are something my dad has told us not to idolize. 

Yet, I’ve always wondered what I would do if I won the lottery. I have a few things. I’d invest in a food bank industry that gave away free food but was funded through a grant from the government. A non profit.

Id clean up and buy the land rights to the side of town with a lower income, so they would not be kicked out, every single time people from the suburbs decided to move back into the city. I’d buy the rights to their houses and give those rights to them  or give them the money to buy the rights to their houses.

I’d give money to  hold a  marketing and entrepreneurial class at a homeless shelter so that  every person at the shelter would get a suit and get an investor to invest in their ideas, so that they could start over.

I’d donate money to fund a campaign that promoted unity among the African American community and start a network that taught African Americans more about their history. It’d uplift the black community and feature the work of young black students. It feature documentaries and give tips on how to market their own product. It’d feature forums with rappers that would ask how they think their music is affecting the black community.

I’d start a non-profit that would connect more with youth about the importance of voting. Id also start a non-profit that would allow youth of today’s generation to discuss race issues, openly and freely.

Lastly Id pay off my student debt, pay off my parents mortgage and fix up their house, and keep some money to the side for stability , just in case something were to happen.  If there was any left over , i’d just donate the rest  the urban ministry.

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