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According to Google ,  jurisdiction is the official power to make legal decisions and judgments.

According to CNN, a 19 year old woman involved in the craigslist killings, recently  revealed that she killed three other men in three different states. Her and her husband  participated in the killings together. According to the article she killed 22 men over a 6 year period. Who has jurisdiction in this case?

There are  State and Federal crimes.

In this case:

States prosecute most crimes, however they may only investigate and prosecute within their jurisdiction. Yet, If a crime is committed across statelines , it becomes federal jurisdiction.





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The rule is to carry as little as possible.

Henry David Thoreau

The rule is to …

Things I learned in Public Policy Class that I Never Knew

By Evan-Amos, minor alteration by anetode to add transparency. (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

That the Marine Corps is within the Navy.
That the Coast Guard Plays two different roles depending on the time.
For example , during war they work with the Navy.
During peace , they are part of homeland security.

From my understanding, Medicare and Medicaid are different but are often seen together, sort of like peanut butter and jelly.

ISBN-10: 0205744826

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Thought I’d give this a share.

One of my former classmates has created this really awesome film. She is trying raise money for it. Thought I’d give this a share. It speaks for it self.

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How should the Stand your Ground Law be Modified? How should the gun law issue be solved?

How should the Stand your Ground Law be Modified? How should the gun law issue be solved?

This is a question I had to answer for class. This is my own opinion and no one else endorses this opinion, that I have mentioned in my previous posts.


Mcdonald v. City of Chicago applied self-defense through the 2nd amendment under the 14th amendment to the states. Although congress cannot eliminate this right, they have the right to regulate it.
I think the provision should add that if you are in a car or moving vehicle or if the threat is not directly geared towards you, or if you approach the person and initiate a conflict causing the threat , then you do not have the right to use of deadly force pertaining to self-defense. There should also be a strong burden of proof(proove or disprove a specific fact),probable cause (reasonable cause) and the clear and present danger rule should also apply such as the one in the first amendment but for the second amendment.
In both the Zimmerman Case, the Micheal Dunn case, the Joe Horn Case, and the Byron Thomas case, the threat was not a direct threat to them.

For instance :

-In the Zimmerman case, he approached Martin after getting out of his car.
-In the Dunn case, Dunn approached a car full of teenagers because he did not like their loud music.
-In the Horn case the men suspected of breaking into the house were not breaking into Horn’s house.
-In the Thomas case he just opened fire because of marijuana deal that went bad.

I also think federal oversight should be applied much like section 4 and 5 of the voting rights act. Thus, watching over areas that are having issues with stand your ground or gun violence laws. The section 4 and 5 of voting rights act allowed for federal judicial review of certain areas of south who were likely to discriminate in the voting and election process due to segregation and Jim crow.

Lastly, in general congress should create a gun law that includes an optional government-gun buy back that returns money to the public and will also help increase the economy and government services. The law will also include tax reductions for those following firearm protocol including federal firearms licensees.Corrupted Federal arm licensees are one portion of the black market  gun problem


Image:By Spectrums (Own work) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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When I think of captivating, I think of capturing someone’s attention in an interesting and mesmerizing way.

This is one of the things Talks on Law( to do. It also seeks to inform and inspire. Talks on Law is an organization that  I discovered while searching for internships. It advocates brevity, innovation, clarity, and excitement. It provides a fresh and innovative foundation for those learning about the law.

– Short Talks (videos)- Continuing Legal Education
-Talks on Law Saloons:
Believe that law affects everyone. Thus, they make it easier for the common man to comprehend and obtain information on legal topics.


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I finally had a chance to watch this film.  I cried.  It is a haunting, yet beautifully done film on our kids.  It gives context to the push/pull that is very much a part of parenting these beautiful children.

Get into it.

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Why Study Groups Work

Why Study Groups Work

Study groups are the best way to pass a test.

I am taking a demanding course. The professor is an attorney and sets the class up similar to a law course. The book is almost as thick as a phone book. It’s filled with words like “fundamental freedoms” or “scheme of ordered liberties”.
One of the hardest assignments I have, is summarizing the decisions of the US supreme courts cases. If you’re not sure of how this works, it requires re-reading , re-reading and a ton of second guessing. So, as you could see, I thought I was going to fail this course.

However, I realized that study groups are the best way to pass the exam and learn information.
I have met up with a study group before each test and both times I have made an A. Last Friday, Midterms were due, and I currently have an A in that course. This is what I learned.


First Examination 25/25


2nd Examination 23/25

Good Elements of a Study Group?

– Meet in an Academic Setting
We met in a classroom and a library; Thus, meeting in a place that it designed for learning helped us stay focus.

– Bring All Materials Essential to Studying
We brought the following items: Our Books, Class Notes, and Text Book Notes. We also brought pens, paper and our electronic devices for additional resources.

-Only 4 People, One/ Two people who have taken the Professor/ knows the material well:
Our group consisted of 4 people. Within the group we had one student who had taken the professor before. This was an advantage because she knew what the professor would ask, what things to look for , and how the test would be structured.

-Drill Questions from Day one, Study Hard from Day One:
Using our notes, we questioned each other about the terms and courts cases we had to learn. We also taught concepts to each other.One important thing to note is to challenge each other. From the first day we asked rigorous questions.
– Clarify Unknown Terms/Concepts, Use of Electronic Devices:
We clarified concepts we didn’t know and went over them repetitively. When there was a concept we didn’t agree on, we used our phones to look up the concepts.

-3 Days, 1-2 hours each, serious people:
A study group should last 3 days. The first day should be a week from the test. The 2nd day should be the Sunday before the test. The third should be the night before the test. Each session should be 1-2 hours long and should be comprehensive in topic. This is the strategy we used.

– You also need serous people.

What did I do to get ready for a Study Group/In-between Groups?

-Studied Material in between classes. (Use a tomato timer to study for at least 25 minutes a day)
-Created a study guide of class notes, text notes and study group notes.
-Come to study group with an invisible outline, or hard outline of questions that need to be discussed.

Advantages of a Study Group?
Takes Pressure off of studying. You study with a group so you don’t have to study as much.

Makes it easier to comprehend information; makes it easier to study.

Helps Clarify concepts you don’t know. You get a different outlook on concepts.

You get notes you may have missed.


Ambitious Jackson



By Diliff (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

According to,

Tracking means to follow something.
Today I discovered a site called GovTrack. This site was created in 2004 by Josh Tauberer. Its purpose is to make it easier for individuals to track U.S. bills; As well as, comprehend what representatives sponsored or created certain bills.


-Openly sharing data

-E-mail Updates

-RSS Feeds

-Embeddable Widgets


-U.S. federal legislation

-Voting records,

-Congressional district maps

-Upcoming bills

-Committee assignments

-Bill status

Interesting Fact:

-It has been leading the open government movement since 2004.


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