How should the Stand your Ground Law be Modified? How should the gun law issue be solved?

How should the Stand your Ground Law be Modified? How should the gun law issue be solved?

This is a question I had to answer for class. This is my own opinion and no one else endorses this opinion, that I have mentioned in my previous posts.


Mcdonald v. City of Chicago applied self-defense through the 2nd amendment under the 14th amendment to the states. Although congress cannot eliminate this right, they have the right to regulate it.
I think the provision should add that if you are in a car or moving vehicle or if the threat is not directly geared towards you, or if you approach the person and initiate a conflict causing the threat , then you do not have the right to use of deadly force pertaining to self-defense. There should also be a strong burden of proof(proove or disprove a specific fact),probable cause (reasonable cause) and the clear and present danger rule should also apply such as the one in the first amendment but for the second amendment.
In both the Zimmerman Case, the Micheal Dunn case, the Joe Horn Case, and the Byron Thomas case, the threat was not a direct threat to them.

For instance :

-In the Zimmerman case, he approached Martin after getting out of his car.
-In the Dunn case, Dunn approached a car full of teenagers because he did not like their loud music.
-In the Horn case the men suspected of breaking into the house were not breaking into Horn’s house.
-In the Thomas case he just opened fire because of marijuana deal that went bad.

I also think federal oversight should be applied much like section 4 and 5 of the voting rights act. Thus, watching over areas that are having issues with stand your ground or gun violence laws. The section 4 and 5 of voting rights act allowed for federal judicial review of certain areas of south who were likely to discriminate in the voting and election process due to segregation and Jim crow.

Lastly, in general congress should create a gun law that includes an optional government-gun buy back that returns money to the public and will also help increase the economy and government services. The law will also include tax reductions for those following firearm protocol including federal firearms licensees.Corrupted Federal arm licensees are one portion of the black market  gun problem


Image:By Spectrums (Own work) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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