The Truth about Therapy: It’s not that bad. It’s all about setting goals and changing your mindset.

I have anxiety and depression but I am not taking medication or getting therapy. There is  a stigma and the news, who portray people with mental illnesses as always having guns. Yet, I figured out that there was nothing to be worried about or be intimidated about.  I’ve found a different type of therapy for stress and depression. Although some therapies are expensive, there are some inexpensive methods. For instance I found a yoga therapy course  that is only $20-$30.  While doing research I’ve also found that most therapies focus around setting goals and changing your mind set. For example Beck’s cognitive therapy.

  • Famous people with mental disorders:
  • Jessie Jackson (Civil Rights Leader)
  • Brooke Shields(Actress)
  • Herschel Walker(NFL Player)
  • Michael Phelps(Olympic Swimmer)

-According to my psychology text, most therapies today are short and only last for 12 sessions.

-There are different Types of Therapies:

-There are also programs for self-therapy (online, locally, nationally, over the phone).

-There are group therapies such as AA meetings.

-Therapy is not just for people with mental illnesses:

Therapy can be for people who are not sure organize their work day.

Therapy can work for people with physical pain.

There can be therapies for weight loss.

There are therapies for being shy.

-Group Therapies

-Yoga Therapy

-Art Therapy

-Pet Therapy

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