What’s your purpose?


If you are unhappy with your job and  don’t know what to do? You should definitely read this book.

You should read this book because it is exciting and explains itself through real life examples.

My favorite quote of the book was:

“If I’m not afraid to do something, it’s not worth my time” -Ted Gonder

I have been reading this book entitled the quarter life break through. It’s so amazing. I think anyone of any age could use this book as a source for personal change. It’s not just a book you read , but has self-fulfilling exercises to help you figure out how to use your skills to better the world. Check it out!. Last week I finished my social media challenge and have gotten more done than ever before. I have realized things about myself that would have been impossible if on social media.

Perhaps the most contradicting thing I learned was:

Although people claim social media makes us less social, it can play a huge role in changing the world.

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