8 Rings That Will Give You A Sweet Tooth

The best times  of the year are holidays or family get togethers. Why? There’s food. Yet,the best part of these times  are the desserts. If you’re in love with sweets like I am, why not pig out on this sweet jewelry. You know what they say, you are what you eat.


1. Ice Cream Rings:




Red Heart shaped ice-cream ring  by RainbowCupcakeQueen on Etsy $10

Why don’t people ever ask for this instead of a boring engagement ring. I mean it’s an ice cream ring ,and why do you need it? because it looks so good. Looking at this ring made me want to go get  five tons of ice cream from the store. Everyone love’s ice cream, except for maybe people who are lactose intolerant. They should probably stay away from all dairy products.


2. Pie Rings



Blueberry Pie Ring  by SweetStella on Etsy $20

When my aunt comes from Florida, which is rarely. She makes this peach cobbler that everyone goes crazy for. They like jump over each other. It’s like it’s the last loaf of bread in the store when a snow storm is coming. Yes, it’s that good. Pie is that good. So why not get a pie ring. Pie is definitely better than diamonds any day.


3. Doughnuts


Bitten Doughnut Ring – Rainbow sprinkles – Kawaii Jewelry by Cutetreats on Etsy for $12

There’s a huge debate on who has the best doughnuts, but hands down people love doughnuts. Whether it’s Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts, doughnuts are the best thing in the world. This is especially true for original hot glazed doughnuts. They’re soft they’re fluffy. I mean like, eating four of these things  makes you  feel like you only ate one.


4. Honey Bun Rings:


Image By Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Sadly there is not a honey bun ring I could find, but if they made one… Oh My Gosh.

I’m in love with honey buns. They’re sort of like doughnuts but completely different.  They’re sticky and they’re good with milk. Slap that in the microwave ,and take a journey. What type of journey might you ask?  A journey on lover’s train. This is not lover’s train for your beau , it’s lover’s train for a honey bun. Forget about your beau, unless they get you a honey bun ring.


5. Oreos


Oreo Cookie Ring by LePetitTrianonChloe on Etsy for $6.99

Did anyone ever try to imitate the kid off of the Oreo commercial who would lick the icing off of one side of the cookie? Better yet, did anyone ever get their hand stuck in a jar of milk only to get yelled at by your parents, when it you slung the glass of milk across the wall? You get the point. Oreos are amazing when they’re soggy; At Least, that’s what I believe.


6. Marshmallow Rings:


Marshmallow ring in a bowl kawaii miniature by Zoozim on Etsy $15.50

I’ve never mastered S’mores, but marshmallows are amazing. They go good with hot chocolate. They remind me of a camping trip that ends being chased by demented forest animals. I used to think marshmallows would make you float. That’s how everyone always portrayed them, like a pillow. A marshmallow ring would be the perfect ring, like sleep and a pillow.


7. Twinkies Resurrection:


Twinkies Earrings by CatrinasToybox on Etsy for $16

Did not find a Twinkie ring but I found Twinkie earrings.

R.I.P. Twinkies. If you have not recently heard, Twinkies were  gone from the market. However, they came back. I love Twinkies. Some say it’s an acquired taste, but the spongy outside with the cream center is to die for. Oh my gosh. I just recently tried a Twinkie for the first time and Twinkie fans, I totally understand. Twinkie Nation.


8. Cake:


Cake Ring by alphabetsuitcase on Etsy for $5.15

I love cake. I had a thing for chocolate cake after the kid on Matilda, but cake is really good. Pound cake, red velvet cake, and rum cake if you’re of age (just kidding).Cake is amazing and it looks even better on your finger. I mean what’s better than having a bird attack your finger because of your cake ring. What an experience.


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One thought on “8 Rings That Will Give You A Sweet Tooth

  1. I love these! So cool and tasty. 🙂

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