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How To Get Yourself To Read:

From experience, reading what you love makes reading more fun. When you have a passion for reading the book just flies by.

What do I love?

I love list books and books that teach you about things.For example, I will teach you to be rich  and the quarter life break through. To spark creativity in my writing I also read three list books: The Wish List, 14,000 things to be happy about , and the  number of things that make you miserable ( i think it’s like the 11,082  to be miserable about. I like to read because I love to learn new skills.  So what does everybody enjoy reading about ?


Your Turn: What do you like to read about? This can be in the newspaper, online, on social media, or even when you’re trying to relax. Leave a comment below.

I found this so cool! I think all bars should be required to  use these.

Drink Savvy


Mike Abramson , the founder of Drink savvy, a company that uses its  technology to detect date rape drugs in beverages.


Drink Savvy is a color changing drink ware that warns you of drugs within your drink.


An Indiegogo campaign was started to raise money for  these products. :

This campaign started on Nov 14 and closed on December 29, 2012. Yet, it featured  contributions that ranged from $1- $5000.  For instance, for  $1/ $5 you could make a contribution. For $10  you got the early bird special. This special included a 100 pack of drink savvy straws or a 50 pack of drink savvy cups. As the money increased , the perks had gotten higher.


Drink Savvy  originated in Boston ,Massachusetts.


The cups and straws use a litmus style test. When unsafe it gives the drink ware an unflattering look. This alerts the bartender or the person that  their drink has been drugged.


Abramson explains in this video that he created the  product because of an experience he had and  the similar experiences that his friends had.

All Bars Should Be Required To Use These.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter


1.Twitter has these really cool things called lists. They allow you to make the list public or private This is so cool because it allows you to organize your accounts or keep up with accounts so the information won’t get lost between personal and non-personal tweets. They’re located underneath your settings. Settings are located in the top right corner.

2. Twitter has keyboard shortcuts. When I think about this, I think about Photoshop. Like Photoshop, Twitter has keyboard shortcuts. The most important keyboard shortcuts in my opinion are:

  • N:New Tweet
  • Ctrl+ Enter: Send Tweet
  • R: Reply
  • T: Retweet
  • G+R:Mentions
  • G+U: Go to User
  • “The period/decimal symbol: Load Tweet

Keyboard Shortcuts are also located in your  settings menu.

3. Twitter also  has these Twitter Cards under their analytic section (settings menu). The purpose of these cards is to give you control over your content,increase traffic and increase followers. There are 9 types of cards that can be re-tweeted by other users.You can also measure the results of these cards.

4. Twitter has a separate blogging site called medium. It shows you the amount of time it takes to read a story and allows you to add pictures and other types of mediums. It also connects to your twitter account, so every time you like a story it’s tweeted. It’s like a blogging site for twitter users. It’s so cool.

5 Dance Videos You Should Watch Every Morning!

Here is  a list of 5 dance videos I watch to make my morning:

It’s summer and if you have nothing better to do , you should watch these 5 videos that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  If you do have something better to do, you  should still check it out. Best for:

  • Bad Mornings
  • Boring Work Days
  • Happy Mornings
  • Happy Workdays
  • Everyday of your life? You decide!!!!

Raise Money for Your Charity with Your Talents

  I found this cool site called Raise5, there I offer my writing services to raise money for a charity called  Childhelp. It allows you to donate your talents to raise money for charity. Please check out this site.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone
  • Homebodies looking to make social change
  • People who work long hours and have no time


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What is the Origin of the Word Reefer? Find out by Checking out this Cool Show!

Image by By Topher i from Clinton Township, MI, USA (ThePerfectBlunt) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image by By Topher i from Clinton Township, MI, USA (ThePerfectBlunt) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

There’s this cool show on History Channel II that my mom told me about. It’s called America’s Secret Slang. It goes into the origin of certain words.  Saturday  night (6/14/14) they aired an episode that explored why some people called marijuana reefer. It was really amazing. The episode before explored the origin of buses. How cool. If you need something to do and you’re bore on a Saturday, you should definitely look this show up. I believe it is also on demand if you have Time Warner Cable. If not, they may have it on Netflix.

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Oreo Snack Hack Tumblr!

So there’s this Oreo Snack Hack Tumblr. It began with Oreo reaching out to celebrities to create something with their Oreo Snack Hack Pack. However, there’s also a blog where fans can submit their snack hacks too. It is so good, and the colorful, graphic content keeps you mesmerized.

It’s the Middle of the Week and I Need to Laugh: Check Out This Hilarious TED Talk.

I watched this TED talk by Sarah Jones . I’ve always found it amazing how people can create a character because everyone is not good at acting and some people can not get the character across. Are you bored? Do you just want something to laugh at or make you feel better on this powerful Wednesday? you should totally watch this TED talk.

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Take Care of Your Well Being So That You Can Impact Social Change.

I’ve heard that you can not truly succeed in helping anyone until you have made sure that you are ok. It sounds a little selfish.  However, i’ve heard you have to  figure out how you can use your passion to help other people. I’ve learned that to be able to help other people you have to be in the right mind, you have to have confidence about your cause ,and you have to be motivated. If you are not feeling life, then chances are you won’t be motivated. This is from experience. Why not try and find your passion by learning a new hobby through the Google Help Out app. This app allows you to contact experts to ask for help on anything from cooking to photography.

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Should I become an organ donor?

I watched a Doumentary called  65_RedRoses. It gave me a new meaning on what it means to be an organ donor. If you’re feeling like life has no purpose, this movie will give you a purpose.   I felt like the world sucked, like I was stuck. Watching this documentary gave me hope and taught me that no matter how bad the world is going chronic disease or not. You have to push through it and live your life the way you want to. This film explores the life of a 23 year old woman who  is struggling with cystic fibrosis. This film helped me realize the magic of giving someone  your organ after death to give them a life. The thought that you could bring happinessPower to someones life through your death is amazing.  You should totally watch this movie on Netflix.