4 Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter


1.Twitter has these really cool things called lists. They allow you to make the list public or private This is so cool because it allows you to organize your accounts or keep up with accounts so the information won’t get lost between personal and non-personal tweets. They’re located underneath your settings. Settings are located in the top right corner.

2. Twitter has keyboard shortcuts. When I think about this, I think about Photoshop. Like Photoshop, Twitter has keyboard shortcuts. The most important keyboard shortcuts in my opinion are:

  • N:New Tweet
  • Ctrl+ Enter: Send Tweet
  • R: Reply
  • T: Retweet
  • G+R:Mentions
  • G+U: Go to User
  • “The period/decimal symbol: Load Tweet

Keyboard Shortcuts are also located in your  settings menu.

3. Twitter also  has these Twitter Cards under their analytic section (settings menu). The purpose of these cards is to give you control over your content,increase traffic and increase followers. There are 9 types of cards that can be re-tweeted by other users.You can also measure the results of these cards.

4. Twitter has a separate blogging site called medium. It shows you the amount of time it takes to read a story and allows you to add pictures and other types of mediums. It also connects to your twitter account, so every time you like a story it’s tweeted. It’s like a blogging site for twitter users. It’s so cool.

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