I found this so cool! I think all bars should be required to  use these.

Drink Savvy


Mike Abramson , the founder of Drink savvy, a company that uses its  technology to detect date rape drugs in beverages.


Drink Savvy is a color changing drink ware that warns you of drugs within your drink.


An Indiegogo campaign was started to raise money for  these products. :

This campaign started on Nov 14 and closed on December 29, 2012. Yet, it featured  contributions that ranged from $1- $5000.  For instance, for  $1/ $5 you could make a contribution. For $10  you got the early bird special. This special included a 100 pack of drink savvy straws or a 50 pack of drink savvy cups. As the money increased , the perks had gotten higher.


Drink Savvy  originated in Boston ,Massachusetts.


The cups and straws use a litmus style test. When unsafe it gives the drink ware an unflattering look. This alerts the bartender or the person that  their drink has been drugged.


Abramson explains in this video that he created the  product because of an experience he had and  the similar experiences that his friends had.



All Bars Should Be Required To Use These.

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