It’s Only Tuesday?

It is important to control your temper at work.This is especially important for those days where you just can’t take the repetitiveness any more.    Here are 6 things I do on break to stay calm at work:


By Ambitious Jackson

By Ambitious Jackson


1. The Running Man:

Whenever I feel myself going insane at work, I take a bathroom break. Like any other person , Yeah..  I use the bathroom. Yet, when no one is around I stretch, laugh, spin around in circles, and top it off with doing the running man. You know? the one that will smith does on fresh prince.

2. Music:

When you listen to music it makes the work day much easier. I tend to get lost in my music and it speeds up my production. Note: Make sure you can still here if something important is being said.


3. Be Aware:

When I go to work I always feel tense. The best thing to do is to stop for a few seconds and think. Does your stomach hurt? are you breathing to fast? what is bothering you so much. If you think and re- evaluate you could solve the problem. An awesome smartphone app you can use is Buddihfy. It helps you learn meditation for those times where you just can’t slow down.

4. Tea/ Hot Water:

My stomach always hurts at work. Yet, when I drink tea and hot water it tends to calm me down. My body feels relaxed. My stomach is better than it was before. I seem to breath better.


5. Fresh Air:

Fresh air is a must. At my work place there is an outside patio and a hill. When I go on break I always go outside for lunch. I might even take a walk. It helps me get out of that stuck feeling I have at work, or that “I’m going to be here forever!!!!” feeling.

6. Get Away From Co-Workers:

Sometimes getting away from co-workers is the best thing. I find it works best to get away from the pressure and awkwardness by sitting alone, or maybe getting off the site for lunch.

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