Warby Wednesday: Warby Parker for Good

Warby Parker Virtual Mirror

Warby Parker Virtual Mirror


I always break my glasses. Since 8th grade I have gone through 12 pairs of glasses all at the expense of my parents’ pockets. 200.00 I believe was the cost of each pair or maybe a little bit more. When I found this site I was like finally affordable glasses, and I can give back.

Who is Warby Parker?

Warby Parker is a Company that sales glasses for $95. In fact, if you read their story, they are aware that glasses are too expensive.

What’s so good about these glasses?

Warby Parker allows you to buy a pair of glasses while giving back. The recognize that many people are without glasses. Thus, making them incapable of doing  quality work. They give a pair of glasses for every pair that you buy.

Fun Feature:

They allow you to virtually try on a pair of glasses or  try a pair on at home for 30 days.

According to their site  703 million people do not have glasses. 

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