Cleaning and Renovating Your Facebook: My New Manifesto.

Here are few tips I’ve learned about cleaning up your Facebook. 

Use Simple wash:

Simple was categorizes your Facebook posts by word. So this means if there are any provocative words, the picture will show up in the search. This is a really nice app to use if you want to do a semi-sweep. 

Get a Photo Bucket:

Photobucket allows you to sync your Facebook account with your Photobucket account. There you can import Facebook photos. This is what I’ve begun to do. It really only took 30 minutes for me and I had thousands of pictures.

Get a Facebook Timeline Delete App:

They have a plug in for Google chrome that I use , it puts a button at the top of the screen and deletes all visible statuses . It usually is like 5 at a time. It helps you get rid of statuses if you want to start over. 

Write a  Short New Bio:

Write a short new bio and use hashtags and links to your websites and talent in it. Encourage people to visit these sites within your bio. I once had a bio that only used hashtags to describe who I was. I  call it the twitter  bio method. 

Get a New Picture:

Get a new profile  picture. New pictures that are refreshing and can stand the test of time. I once used to take selfless of my self all of the time , I soon realized people knew what I looked like. I’ve decided that I  will only put up new profile pictures  when there is a drastic change. 

Cover Photos Are Important:

If this a personal account but you want to be professional, choose a cover photo that won’t clash with your profile photo. Also choose a cover photo that describes you, or a call to action. A good majority of my cover photos have been call to action campaigns from non-profit charities. This is a good way to advertise causes you support without having to  say anything. 

Be More engaging:

Do a photo challenge and get your friends to engage. Don’t just put pictures of you up there, but tell a story about your self. One thing I place to do are photo challenges to make my newsfeed a little better.  Engage in  your friends statuses. Tag friends in things that you think they’d be interested in. 


Delete pages you don’t follow: 

Go through and make a list of things you actually care about, this is like getting rid of clothes. If you’ve never read it the first time. You’re not going to read it again. Choose things you like and are passionate about. It makes sharing much more fun.


Share Happy , Emotional and Informative Content. 

I used to tell everything on my status. Now I’m figuring out that too much business is too much. People can learn things about you by what you put onto Facebook. I’ve read that short statuses, statuses with pictures/videos, or status with questions usually get shared more.  


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