I learned something cool about the debit card

Well I put in my notice at work, but that means I have more time to write. I’m reading all of these self- improvement books. They’re geared around 20s and  30s. Yet, really anyone can read them. I’m getting into financial planning and  this movement called simple living. So, I have been looking up all of these financial hacks and confusing debit card trends. 


The Point?

Have you ever gone to the  store, swiped your card, and put in a pin to pay for your purchase, only to then be asked if you wanted cash back? 

Here’s one thing I never knew. The cash back option at retail- stores saves you a trip to the ATM. This basically means you pay for your purchase electronically. After accepting the cash back option, the retailer will add that atop of your purchase. After they’ll give you that extra amount back. 

So say you bought something for 10 dollars. You swipe your debit card, put in your pin , and they ask you if you want cash back. You select how much cash you want back. So you select $20.00.

That 20.00 will be added on to 10.00 to total out to $30.00, except. After you finish paying you’ll get $20.00 back. It’s like an ATM machine at the store. 

So Cool!

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