Two Easy Resources for Tackling Student Debts.

Resources To Figure Out How You’re Going To Pay Off You Debt:
I’ve been reading a book recently called I Can Teach You How To Be Rich. It gives you all these lovely ways to save money , handle debt and manage credit cards for super awesome credit scores.
One thing that affects me directly are student loan debt. I don’t know what my debt is. In the section of this book it gives you a link to an financial calculator to figure out how to take on your payment plan.
1. Find how much you owe:
I did a quick google search and found that the Financial Aid Site actually has a spread sheet of the amount of debt you owe that is downloadable. This shows you how much you may have to pay and how much the interest may be based on your financial information.
So, as of 05/05/2014 I owe the government around 30,000 dollars in student loans.

2. Estimate how much you have to pay back:
They have this financial estimation calculator specifically for student loans. It shows you what you need to pay back based on your loan/debt ,marital status and income. If you don’t know anything about your loan except for what loan you have, they allow you to choose the option to do the estimation using the average that each student may owe under that loan plan.
So I have the Direct  Un-Subsidized Loan. I would choose that and what type of college I go to.
Direct Subsidized Loan , 4-Year Public College/University
This would bring me to owe:
$26,946 which is very close but a little bit behind given the $25 dollar tuition increase at my institution. My interest would be 3.9%

Given all of the other information I provided, this is what if would turn out to be under the standard plan for my debt type:

* In his book , I Can Teach You How To Be Rich, Ramit Sethi says that paying 100 dollars more than what you are estimated to pay can lower interest and the amount of time you have to pay.

So For Me I would have to pay $372 dollars a month to lower interest that would build up over the 10 year repayment plan.

Also , Explore your repayment plans here (

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