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Sorry guys the video posted Tuesday  was the wrong video. I’ll post the right video next Tuesday.

This is so exciting, I finally figured out what my blog will be about!!!!

  • So……. I’m Kayla, and I’m graduating this Saturday, but my health is not where I need it to be at 21 , unfortunately.  I’m a journalism and mass communication major, so I strive for accuracy and live for research. I’ve been interested in running lately, managing my diabetes and managing my anxiety and depression. What an emotional roller coaster that has been. One of the things I do the most is follow  tons of fitness accounts  on Instagram because I want to get better. The only thing holding me back was the school work. Now that I have passed my classes I can work on getting a job, sleeping better, and getting healthier
  • My blog will inform the reader about:
    Food Terminology:
    Book of the Month
    Popular food Items, what’s in them, and what they do to your body
    Myth-busters  about diets
    Experimenting with meal plans and workout plans and reviewing them
  • Diabetes:
    Experimenting with meal plans and workout plans and reviewing them
    Videos for diabetic-vegetarian friendly cooking
    What Diabetes can do to your body?
    Current events about that?
  • Mental health:
    Responses to studies on mental health,sleep and exercise

So check it out! I should be posting my first post of the new blog by  May 26th