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What I learned this Sunday:

Sunday I learned the importance of letting your body heal. I  attended a mega fit event with high-intensity training. There were three things wrong with that. I didn’t get any sleep, and I just started back working out. The third one is coming up right after this. So sleep is good, I stayed up watching this new app called periscope, and I saw a spider, the recipe for insomnia for me. The third thing that happened is that the day before, I tried to walk my brothers dog in the rain. Instead, I ran with him, and he ( the dog, my nephew) caught a scent then dragged me along the ground. So that was one sign to say no to my cousin’s invitation to the event. My cousin is a   Zumba instructor and a Herbalife seller, but I just went to work out ( I’m not a fan of Herbalife).  It was 80 degrees and humid, and there was no shade. I started off great, and then we got to the squat holds and it was horrible. My legs were burning, I couldn’t walk, and my chest was pounding.  By the next day, my leg that got dragged was stiff.
Letting your body heal, getting enough sleep, and working out at too fast of a pace can be bad. Taking your time, getting used to it, and taking a day off when needed is the best.

* Recorded some videos, they should be here soon*

Fruit and its affects on Blood Sugar

I eat a ton of whole fruit ( apples, oranges,etc.). Whole fruits because it’s healthy, sweet and full of protein.  There’s  nothing wrong with eating fruit as a diabetic,but eating a ton is a bad idea.
Why? It’s all about the carbs. In fact, carbs affect blood sugar, more than sugar itself, and serving size is important.
Have you ever heard of something that has a small amount of sugar. Well in reality the carbohydrates within that product could cause it to have more sugar than it says. In fact, carbohydrates turn into sugar.
Carbohydrates are an important thing to learn about for anyone. But, it is very important for those with type 2 diabetes.

Check Out What Diet Soda Does to Your Body and Teeth

Last year I’d gone to the dentist for a root canal, and he told me that it was better to drink sugared drinks, especially soda, in one setting. Why?  Sugar does more damage to your teeth if you save one drink, and drink it throughout the day.
Well, I thought to myself I drank diet coke, it’s healthy, and there’s no sugar. So I’ll be fine
What I didn’t know, was that it is bad for both.

Studies have shown that diet soda can be bad for your teeth and your body. The Huffington post stated that drinking diet soda has the same effect on your teeth as using crystal meth and cocaine.

Studies have shown that also has the same effects as sugared sodas.

What happens?
The body mistakes the artificial sugar for a real calorie and  is stored as fat. So it’s not diet at all.

My alternative:
Water is probably your best bet.  After all, 60% of our bodies are made up of water.

The REAL Introduction Video

Earlier this weekend I found out that I put up the wrong video. So here’s the real video.