What I learned this Sunday:

Sunday I learned the importance of letting your body heal. I  attended a mega fit event with high-intensity training. There were three things wrong with that. I didn’t get any sleep, and I just started back working out. The third one is coming up right after this. So sleep is good, I stayed up watching this new app called periscope, and I saw a spider, the recipe for insomnia for me. The third thing that happened is that the day before, I tried to walk my brothers dog in the rain. Instead, I ran with him, and he ( the dog, my nephew) caught a scent then dragged me along the ground. So that was one sign to say no to my cousin’s invitation to the event. My cousin is a   Zumba instructor and a Herbalife seller, but I just went to work out ( I’m not a fan of Herbalife).  It was 80 degrees and humid, and there was no shade. I started off great, and then we got to the squat holds and it was horrible. My legs were burning, I couldn’t walk, and my chest was pounding.  By the next day, my leg that got dragged was stiff.
Letting your body heal, getting enough sleep, and working out at too fast of a pace can be bad. Taking your time, getting used to it, and taking a day off when needed is the best.

* Recorded some videos, they should be here soon*

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