Have you been thinking about Disaster Planning Lately? Here’s and Organization You Need to Follow

Though this was pretty cool in one part of this e-mail they talk about apps to help keep you connected to your family  during disaster. This was super cool to me because I already had my meet up place. Like we have 5 meet up places in case something happens. I just got this from my mom, so i’m going to look into this and you should sign up for some of their seminars too. They have a lot of awesome seminars that they offer within the e-mail. 


Who are they?

Tech Soup is actually a company that donates  to and gives discounts on software products for non-profits.

You should totally join their e-mail list.

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I learned something cool about the debit card

Well I put in my notice at work, but that means I have more time to write. I’m reading all of these self- improvement books. They’re geared around 20s and  30s. Yet, really anyone can read them. I’m getting into financial planning and  this movement called simple living. So, I have been looking up all of these financial hacks and confusing debit card trends. 


The Point?

Have you ever gone to the  store, swiped your card, and put in a pin to pay for your purchase, only to then be asked if you wanted cash back? 

Here’s one thing I never knew. The cash back option at retail- stores saves you a trip to the ATM. This basically means you pay for your purchase electronically. After accepting the cash back option, the retailer will add that atop of your purchase. After they’ll give you that extra amount back. 

So say you bought something for 10 dollars. You swipe your debit card, put in your pin , and they ask you if you want cash back. You select how much cash you want back. So you select $20.00.

That 20.00 will be added on to 10.00 to total out to $30.00, except. After you finish paying you’ll get $20.00 back. It’s like an ATM machine at the store. 

So Cool!

Cleaning and Renovating Your Facebook: My New Manifesto.

Here are few tips I’ve learned about cleaning up your Facebook. 

Use Simple wash:

Simple was categorizes your Facebook posts by word. So this means if there are any provocative words, the picture will show up in the search. This is a really nice app to use if you want to do a semi-sweep. 

Get a Photo Bucket:

Photobucket allows you to sync your Facebook account with your Photobucket account. There you can import Facebook photos. This is what I’ve begun to do. It really only took 30 minutes for me and I had thousands of pictures.

Get a Facebook Timeline Delete App:

They have a plug in for Google chrome that I use , it puts a button at the top of the screen and deletes all visible statuses . It usually is like 5 at a time. It helps you get rid of statuses if you want to start over. 

Write a  Short New Bio:

Write a short new bio and use hashtags and links to your websites and talent in it. Encourage people to visit these sites within your bio. I once had a bio that only used hashtags to describe who I was. I  call it the twitter  bio method. 

Get a New Picture:

Get a new profile  picture. New pictures that are refreshing and can stand the test of time. I once used to take selfless of my self all of the time , I soon realized people knew what I looked like. I’ve decided that I  will only put up new profile pictures  when there is a drastic change. 

Cover Photos Are Important:

If this a personal account but you want to be professional, choose a cover photo that won’t clash with your profile photo. Also choose a cover photo that describes you, or a call to action. A good majority of my cover photos have been call to action campaigns from non-profit charities. This is a good way to advertise causes you support without having to  say anything. 

Be More engaging:

Do a photo challenge and get your friends to engage. Don’t just put pictures of you up there, but tell a story about your self. One thing I place to do are photo challenges to make my newsfeed a little better.  Engage in  your friends statuses. Tag friends in things that you think they’d be interested in. 


Delete pages you don’t follow: 

Go through and make a list of things you actually care about, this is like getting rid of clothes. If you’ve never read it the first time. You’re not going to read it again. Choose things you like and are passionate about. It makes sharing much more fun.


Share Happy , Emotional and Informative Content. 

I used to tell everything on my status. Now I’m figuring out that too much business is too much. People can learn things about you by what you put onto Facebook. I’ve read that short statuses, statuses with pictures/videos, or status with questions usually get shared more.  


Because I’m Happy…: How to Make Learning and Discussing Politics Fun.

Many people become uncomfortable when discussing  politics. You are warned not to talk about it in the workplace and with some people you prefer not to talk about it  at all. Many people stray away  from politics because of these controversial aspects. It often turns from a nice  fun casual conversation to a full blown debate. However, discussing politics does not have to be frustrating. This  post will give you innovative ideas that will have sailing smooth across the political ocean.


Smartphone Life:

Smart phones are becoming more popular. In fact, 65 percent of Americans own a smartphone according to the  2014 nielsen digital consumer report.In today’s society people will do anything for their smartphone. Here are a couple of things you can do to enhance your political knowledge without ever having to leave your phone.



  • QuizUp


I play  QuizUp from time to time. It helps me learn about the history of the government.It also interesting helps me learn about current events dealing with the government.

The best part about this app is that you get to compete against other people. You can even  call a rematch.



  • Debate.org


Debate. org is a site that allows you to engage with other people online about the hottest debates in politics. It  allows you to create your own topics and displays current events. Its split screen format and modern  color scheme make it easier to comprehend.  The cool part about this site is , it allows you to see which side is winning and what other people have to say.  The site  does not have an app.

However, there is a debate going on right now about the app. Go check it out.



  • Instagram Videos:


Instagram videos are only 15 seconds ,but they give you enough time to engage with your audience. Create an instagram video about something you agree or disagree with.  One idea would be to create a 15 second political rap song or skit about your views. This is your chance to be creative and a great way to get your instagram followers involved.



  • Poll Everywhere


Poll your friends. I used Poll Everywhere to take polls with followers on instagram, facebook and twitter. Poll everywhere allows you to collect polls through text messaging and twitter posts.  The texts  recieved come straight to your poll everywhere account. You are also able to incorporate the results  into powerpoint slides.  It is a  great way to ask your friends for their views via social media and text.


Weekly Get Togethers:

What makes a party fun? In my opinion it’s the constant interaction. Have weekly get togethers with friends to discuss what is going on politically in your area or abroad.



  • Netflix Parties:


More people are starting to use netflix these days. In fact according to the  2014 nielsen digital consumer report 38 percent of american consumers say they subscribe to or use netflix. Search for some of the political shows, documentaries or satires on netflix and have a watch party. My favorite show to watch  is Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. Bill Maher takes politics and turns it into something satirical. Unlike your regular political talk show, Maher incorporates influential celebrities into his discussions. For example, past celebrities have included  Snoop Lion (Dogg), D.L. Hughey, and Robin Williams( Remember Mrs. DoubtFire?). The show is casually placed and meant to make you laugh.



  • Play Political Charades


Use the Charades! app on google play  to create your own political cards. This is good for a boring saturday night. It also a  good way to help you remember political content.

Night on the Town:

In today’s age, it feels like  being social is being replaced through text messaging and social media.  However, it does not hurt to go out sometimes. It is important to balance your  smartphone and your real life.



  • Documentary Screenings with Friends:


Going out to the movies is so fun. So, why not go to a documentary screening? Usually, documentaries are  only shown in select theatres. These screenings are an  interesting way to gain political knowledge.  The best thing is, they allow you to be social. Networking is always a good thing.  Check out this documentary entitled Fed Up. Fed Up is about the food industry in America. It hit theatres May 9.



  • Political  Festivals:



I wrote a story for my university publication about an event there in town. This event was called Show of Hands  and it was really interesting. It was geared towards the younger generation and took place underneath a bypass near the greenway. There was a variety of food and many  vendors. The event  promoted local politicians or all parties and encouraged political  engagement. This is also another fun way to  learn more about the political atmosphere in your community.Google some of the festivals in your town.


Take Away Points:

  • If politics is hard make it fun.
  • Today smartphones are every. Try to incorporate technology into your political social outings in ways that forces people to react with one another.

Warby Wednesday: Warby Parker for Good

Warby Parker Virtual Mirror

Warby Parker Virtual Mirror


I always break my glasses. Since 8th grade I have gone through 12 pairs of glasses all at the expense of my parents’ pockets. 200.00 I believe was the cost of each pair or maybe a little bit more. When I found this site I was like finally affordable glasses, and I can give back.

Who is Warby Parker?

Warby Parker is a Company that sales glasses for $95. In fact, if you read their story, they are aware that glasses are too expensive.

What’s so good about these glasses?

Warby Parker allows you to buy a pair of glasses while giving back. The recognize that many people are without glasses. Thus, making them incapable of doing  quality work. They give a pair of glasses for every pair that you buy.

Fun Feature:

They allow you to virtually try on a pair of glasses or  try a pair on at home for 30 days.

According to their site  703 million people do not have glasses. 

It’s Only Tuesday?

It is important to control your temper at work.This is especially important for those days where you just can’t take the repetitiveness any more.    Here are 6 things I do on break to stay calm at work:


By Ambitious Jackson

By Ambitious Jackson


1. The Running Man:

Whenever I feel myself going insane at work, I take a bathroom break. Like any other person , Yeah..  I use the bathroom. Yet, when no one is around I stretch, laugh, spin around in circles, and top it off with doing the running man. You know? the one that will smith does on fresh prince.

2. Music:

When you listen to music it makes the work day much easier. I tend to get lost in my music and it speeds up my production. Note: Make sure you can still here if something important is being said.


3. Be Aware:

When I go to work I always feel tense. The best thing to do is to stop for a few seconds and think. Does your stomach hurt? are you breathing to fast? what is bothering you so much. If you think and re- evaluate you could solve the problem. An awesome smartphone app you can use is Buddihfy. It helps you learn meditation for those times where you just can’t slow down.

4. Tea/ Hot Water:

My stomach always hurts at work. Yet, when I drink tea and hot water it tends to calm me down. My body feels relaxed. My stomach is better than it was before. I seem to breath better.


5. Fresh Air:

Fresh air is a must. At my work place there is an outside patio and a hill. When I go on break I always go outside for lunch. I might even take a walk. It helps me get out of that stuck feeling I have at work, or that “I’m going to be here forever!!!!” feeling.

6. Get Away From Co-Workers:

Sometimes getting away from co-workers is the best thing. I find it works best to get away from the pressure and awkwardness by sitting alone, or maybe getting off the site for lunch.

How To Get Yourself To Read:

From experience, reading what you love makes reading more fun. When you have a passion for reading the book just flies by.

What do I love?

I love list books and books that teach you about things.For example, I will teach you to be rich  and the quarter life break through. To spark creativity in my writing I also read three list books: The Wish List, 14,000 things to be happy about , and the  number of things that make you miserable ( i think it’s like the 11,082  to be miserable about. I like to read because I love to learn new skills.  So what does everybody enjoy reading about ?


Your Turn: What do you like to read about? This can be in the newspaper, online, on social media, or even when you’re trying to relax. Leave a comment below.

I found this so cool! I think all bars should be required to  use these.

Drink Savvy


Mike Abramson , the founder of Drink savvy, a company that uses its  technology to detect date rape drugs in beverages.


Drink Savvy is a color changing drink ware that warns you of drugs within your drink.


An Indiegogo campaign was started to raise money for  these products. :

This campaign started on Nov 14 and closed on December 29, 2012. Yet, it featured  contributions that ranged from $1- $5000.  For instance, for  $1/ $5 you could make a contribution. For $10  you got the early bird special. This special included a 100 pack of drink savvy straws or a 50 pack of drink savvy cups. As the money increased , the perks had gotten higher.


Drink Savvy  originated in Boston ,Massachusetts.


The cups and straws use a litmus style test. When unsafe it gives the drink ware an unflattering look. This alerts the bartender or the person that  their drink has been drugged.


Abramson explains in this video that he created the  product because of an experience he had and  the similar experiences that his friends had.



All Bars Should Be Required To Use These.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter


1.Twitter has these really cool things called lists. They allow you to make the list public or private This is so cool because it allows you to organize your accounts or keep up with accounts so the information won’t get lost between personal and non-personal tweets. They’re located underneath your settings. Settings are located in the top right corner.

2. Twitter has keyboard shortcuts. When I think about this, I think about Photoshop. Like Photoshop, Twitter has keyboard shortcuts. The most important keyboard shortcuts in my opinion are:

  • N:New Tweet
  • Ctrl+ Enter: Send Tweet
  • R: Reply
  • T: Retweet
  • G+R:Mentions
  • G+U: Go to User
  • “The period/decimal symbol: Load Tweet

Keyboard Shortcuts are also located in your  settings menu.

3. Twitter also  has these Twitter Cards under their analytic section (settings menu). The purpose of these cards is to give you control over your content,increase traffic and increase followers. There are 9 types of cards that can be re-tweeted by other users.You can also measure the results of these cards.

4. Twitter has a separate blogging site called medium. It shows you the amount of time it takes to read a story and allows you to add pictures and other types of mediums. It also connects to your twitter account, so every time you like a story it’s tweeted. It’s like a blogging site for twitter users. It’s so cool.