My name is Kayla  but I write under the pseudonym Ambitious Jackson. I  love writing. It helps me get my frustrations out. It also allows me to  explain complicated things in simple ways. I strive for brevity and humor in my writing. A professor once told me , making people laugh through writing was a skill you had to practice. I strive for this every day. Why? I have anxiety/ depression and I know what it feels like to be in a bad place.  I write about interesting things, to make people feel better and give them something good to worry about.   I  strive to inform reader’s about things that will make their lives better. I like writing about cool gadgets that  give back to the community or help a cause. I also like to  write about things that encourage to  think more  about life. I love love love love traveling, even though i’ve never been out of the south. I’d like to travel the world one day.  I don’t really have a niche: You’ll most likely see things that fascinate, information i’m learning about as I start my journey towards adulthood, and things I’m accomplishing on my bucket list.


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