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Everyone chose to come to America?

Everyone chose to come to America?

Everyone did not choose to come to America. Someone told me the other day that everyone in America we’re once immigrants. Native Americans were not, they are said to have lived here first. African Americans did not they were forced here.

Immigration is the movement of non-native people into a country in order to settle there.

For me this implies choice, you are not physically forced like slaves and Native Americans to move elsewhere like past America did. Most of the people who immigrate to the country today come by choice because they are forced out of their country, but they are not forced to come to America or forced to migrate here. I know that there were slaves and Native Americans in my family. No everyone who came here were not immigrants. Some people were forced here or already lived here.

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Political Spectrum in Chips

Snacks and Politics

I decided do a picture of the Original Ideal Political Spectrum out of chip bags. This was  based on a 15 minute video by Andrea Williams entitled the Political Spectrum. According to her it is hard  for someone to place themselves within one part of the spectrum today. She also states that the political compass is what is used now. Interpret it for yourself, watch the video below.

From Republican to Democrat

From Republican to Democrat

Inforgraph by Ambitious Jackson

African Americans could not join the democratic party until 1924, because of their race.
At the time however, republicans paid attention to black issues. Today, republicans don’t. However, black issues are something that I feel can only be handled by the black community.
For example, black girls rock and BET. These are things that may seem racist to other people. However, we are not making policies to oppress. White america does not face the Willie lynch theory and black on black violence.
They say African Americans should wait for an African American leader, but why wait? We should get mad at those who shoot our black youth because they feel they are a threat,even when those black teens are not doing anything at all.
However, we also need to address black teens who get shot by other black teens.
There needs to be a panel discussion with all of the rappers. We need to ask: How do you feel your music is helping or hindering the African american culture? How are you going to change things within the African american community? We need more documentaries. We need to bring light to upcoming African american artists(film,web series, music, visual art) who bring change. Artist who are working toward change for their race and other races.
You can not help someone else, without making sure you are alright first. It’s like they say if the plane goes down, put your oxygen mask on first, then help someone else.

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Call for Interviewees: Google Voice is A Good Choice! Alternative Numbers


I am calling for people to interview who are doing something they think is socially or politically interesting. Please contact me at the number on my page , it is attached to my e-mail and your call will either go straight to my inbox.  This allows me to check my voice-mail  and call through my computer.

Do not be alarmed!!! This is a number I have chosen through Google voice.

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Remember when your parents told you, you were to young for this? Kids and Politics

Kid Politics: This American Life (Documentary , Can Kids Govern Better Than Adults?)

My dad always told me to question everything, even as a child. “Make your stand,” he said. My mother, who was a political science major in school, is also very active in respect to fighting for the rights of children, and affordable and quality childcare.

They have always discussed politics and certain issues around me and my siblings.

Remember when your parents told you, you were too young to understand?

Recently, a 12 year-old activist spoke at a Moral Monday protest in Burlington N.C. The young activist spoke out about reviving pre-registration in North Carolina after being turned down for a meeting with

Governor Pat McCrory.  When giving her speech, she said that McCrory said her request was ridiculous and he deemed her a liberal prop.

Society has led many of us to believe that children living in America do not care about politics.

However, politics can affect children in many ways. These include healthcare, budget cuts for teachers, funding for schools, and voting rights for them in the future; politics can also affect children through decisions that impact poverty and hunger, free breakfast programs, and the way we use our resources.

There are many ways and endless resources for children to learn about politics. These include various children’s books, online games, school educators, (political) children’s groups, and news media geared toward kids.

According to a kid’s health survey 75 percent of kids and 79 percent of teenagers said that the outcome of the 2008 election would have an impact on their lives.

According to their article they advised parents to talk about politics with their children:

  • Ask why they feel a certain way about a certain issue or party?
  • Can they support their views?
  • Encourage them to get involved

The article further states that talking about these issues helps children develop critical thinking skills and clear up confusion.

Fun Resources for your children:

National Mock Elections:  helps students have a direct impact on their community, by casting vote and taking part in civil polls.

ICivic: Allows kid to explore idea of democracy through games.

Kids Politics: This American Life documentary that explores if kids do better at governing than adults.

Games for Change: Game for kids focusing on social issues.

Congress for Kids: Helping kids learn about congress



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Lesson Learned :Now I Know why they make us take Geography!

As a journalism student, my professors rarely tell us about the dangers of journalism. Most of the time they talk about what good interviewing is, how to work the camera, how to create fabulous multimedia, and watching the news twenty-four seven. The calm anchor on the screen seems like a smoke screen now. Journalist can be in dangerous situations. In fact, many people are often out to get journalist. Recently a journalist was released after being detained in Venezuela for two days. I recently read that journalist are missing, to this day. Some are even killed. Now I know why they make us take geography. It is not smart to go to another country without knowing its history and the lingo of the land. Lesson Learned.


Cookies ! Cakes ! Muffins! and Chips!

Vending machine at my university

Cookies! Cakes! Muffins! And Chips! What will companies producing processed foods do?

In 60 days the FDA may make a decision that could be the same as banning trans-fat in foods. 

This means trans-fats, the oils that enhance the taste of your food and preserve shelf life will be scarce.

Your foods may even taste a little different.

According to doctors trans-fatty foods cause arteries to clog up, eventually leading to heart disease.

The ban-like decision is said to prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 heart disease related deaths.

 Could this mean healthier options in vending machines?

Many vending machines like the one at my university are likely to contain trans-fatty foods.

Fast food restaurants such as Mcdonald’s,Burger King, and Churches have worked to reduce the amount of trans-fats in foods.

However  fast food restaurants like Popeyes have not stopped using trans-fat in their foods.


Fun Fact: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts does not use trans-fats in the making of their doughnuts.


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